“I have formed a plastic alphabet from which the vowels would be those archetypal forms present in the three universes: the first vowel is the spiral that is identifiable in the galaxies, in the DNA. and in such important objects as the electromagnet and the still.

The second one would be the sphere, present from the tiny quarks up to the gigantic stars, including our Mother Earth, the father sun and the romantic moon.

A third vowel of this alphabet is the starry skies in which the sparkles of light almost assert us that we are not alone in the cosmos.

Another vowel is harmony, which adequately proportioned thanks to the beauty of the golden dimensions inevitably conveys feelings of peace, truth, optimism and hope, messages that I committed myself to give to humanity as I get out of my brain trauma.

The message  being harmonious, is peaceful, optimistic, gives safety sensation.

Finally the fifth vowel is the presence of the female figure that obeys a specific intention to glorify the woman’s body, as a tribute to the female force of the Universe, to Mother Nature, to Mother Earth.

The consonants are the infinite range of colors that can be obtained in the various combinations of light and shadow”.


“All artistic work is the concrete expression of a life in culminating moments of this one and reveals the intimate universe of its author. In my personal case both the work and the circumstances show the aspect of a permanent search of the transcendental man values. I make  a dialectical, changeable and sometimes contradictory creation as contrdictory is  life itself”.


“My philosophical concerns are solved in much of my art work. It is a cosmos of spherical and spiral predominance that is associated with the Latin American literary tradition and that shows the simultaneity of the worlds in time and in the space as well as the fundamental archetypal forms of our universe: the sphere that is present from the electron to the the supergiant stars and the spiral from the DNA up to the galaxies”.

The frequent irruption of feminine forms and basic female symbols such as the sea, tries to balance the marked masculinized tendency of our conception of the universe and is also a tribute to the universal woman who, after millenniums of subordination has gone on to play a fundamental role in the present”.


“After a meticulous and premeditated conception of forms and colors, I paint automatically, forgetting myself, letting myself be possessed by the invisible spirits of inspiration, in an internal dialogue that translates into movements of my hand and when I finish, I observe , often bewildered, the final message of this dialogue: the finished work”.


“In my works we can see a tribute of admiration towards the great masters,: sometimes the foreshortenings try to evoke the great Miguel Angel; other times its bucolic expression shows my admiration for Botticcelli and other Renaissance artists; the oneiric spherical and open universes , could also remind Bosch and of course Salvador DalI. In the chaotic spots that are reorganized in brilliant colors there is a tribute toKandinski and other abstract painters. In these subtle and faceless figures, in addition to paying tribute to the universal woman, there is a remembrance of the brilliant presurealist creations of Giorgio de Chirico; maybe one of the most manifest influences of my work and of course in those great nudes could not miss my admiration for Modigliani and Gauguin”.